How to get noticed on LinkedIn (before LinkedIn existed)

What a pleasant surprise!  I had a contact through LinkedIn (which, to be honest, I don’t really use very much) from Hannah Skerritt of Qube Recruitment Ltd saying

Hi Steve
you just popped up on my “people you my know” screen and for the first time I think I do!! I think we studied together for a very short while many many years ago… Did you study software engineering at Mid Kent?

Whilst I didn’t study Software engineering, I did do a business studies course there as part of a training scheme with GEC Avionics in Rochester.  So a short email conversation with Hannah later she explained she remember me from the induction training week we both did there.  There were about 40 of us starting different training schemes that week.  So having met me for that short period of time she remembered me because of the way I introduced myself.  She says that I said:

I’m Steve Root, that’s Steve with a V and Root like a tree

Wow! I remember using that in the past but didn’t realise it had such an effect. It’s impressive and humbling to be remembered for that long simply because of a few words of introduction. Maybe I’ll need to start future presentations with that phrase.

Also worth noting is how lucky it was that LinkedIn made the connection. I’ve not put on linked in that I worked at GEC or that I studied at Mid Kent College so I think the only connection it could have had to work on was that I’m also in the ME postcode area. We have no other links in common.


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