The joy of being a forum/newsgroup moderator

I like to be helpful. It makes me feel good. When I post lots of technical questions to a community I’ll look to see if I can offer something in return for others. When the spree group asked for volunteer anti-spam moderators I was happy to volunteer.

One side effect of that was being added to the spree github group which leads to seeing a variety of pull[1] requests. I don’t action any as I don’t have the code skills to validate other peoples submissions. This morning submitted a request which has made me start the day smiling.

[spree-guides] Copyedits on Customization section (#59)
Includes such tales as:

- camel expeditions - basically just casing on JavaScript and GitHub
- the its/it's trip - where the parents find out one sibling is wearing the other's pants
- sentence flow - trying to make the examples in the extension versions a little easier to read

This makes me think, can I make my own writing of neccessary technical things make others smile?

[1] Pull Request = When someone improves or fixes code in an open source project, they ask project maintainers to ‘pull’ their fix into the project so others can benefit.