Month: May 2009

  • Goodbye Alicia

    Sad news. My mother in law, Alicia, died on Tuesday morning at 4am from Cancer. She was 53. The whole family were with her, we’d all travelled to the hospital in London to be there.

  • Moving to a new web server

    For many, many years (well, since 2004 which is a long time for internet things) my web server has been at Rackspace. Well, I say ‘my’ web server but in reality it’s their web server, dedicated to just my use and fully managed by them. They’ve been great. Small amounts of downtime, answering the phone…

  • Fresh Ubuntu install could not resolve domains names – and how I fixed it… maybe

    For some time I’ve had trouble installing Ubuntu Server to test things. Affecting 7.10 & 8.04, but only at work and not at home. Strange. Now though, I’ve just figured out what the problem was, at least, I thought I had. At work, we have a gateway/DHCP box (say: When handing out IP addresses,…