Busy me = Quiet Blog

I know i’ve been rather quiet here lately. There’s lots I want to write about, just not getting the time at the moment. Last month (August) we set a new sales record in the shop (an amazingly large amount of sales that I won’t say because our competitors might get jealous – no point upsetting them).

The Boughton 10K is fast approaching and I’m busy entering entries into the computer.

Hopefully, I’ll get time to write about some things soon (like all those old memories and life observations). Until then, I better concentrate on getting all my work done.

To Ad, or not to Ad, that is the question

I’ve been approached by two companies this week wanting to advertise on my blog. Hmmm, confused I am. Can’t really tell if it is random spam they are sending or if there really is something on this site that’s attracting millions of potential customers for someone. (Well, I doubt it’s millions because I have logs of server load and visitors).

Should I sell some space? Should just say no and keep this ad free ? Ah decisions decisions.