Sharpe's Prey (Bernard Cornwell)

Another superb Sharpe novel, our officer hero is sent to escort another office to Copenhagen on a mission to bribe the king of Denmark. If successful the British will ‘look after’ the Dutch fleet and keep it safe from Napoleon’s grip. Unfortunately the officer Sharpe escorts runs away with the gold bribe to join forces with the Danish. This story also has more interaction with the Navy which I really enjoyed (one part especially, where the Captain of Sharpes transport makes a comment about a soldier not understanding the battle of Trafalgar, not realising Sharpe was there)

For me, this is one of the better Sharpe series with one, important missing point. The last words of a Sharpe book traditionally finish with the title… eg. “Loup was dead, and it was over at last: Sharpe’s Battle” but this one didn’t. Funny how you get to expect certain things and miss them when they are not there.

Now I have a real struggle on my hands, figure out which Sharpe books I haven’t read then find them in the second hand bookshops!