Month: October 2007

  • Movable Type 4 upgrade

    I’m updated the server software to movable type 4 from movable type 3. I’ll be using their default templates for a while but will eventually return a few of the nice things back (well, things I think are are nice, like the rotating photo banner).

  • EMC 82 Frame 1 results

    With the far more effective ICEQBE parser not working at the moment, I ran the frame 1 results through my own code concoction so you can all see how well you did… or in my case, didn’t! Big <S> to -ung– for being CM this month! Follow the “read more” link to see all of…

  • Cooking with Nanny

    Nicola enjoys cooking with Nanny Kathy. She asked if she could have her own show called “Cooking with Nanny” so I got to hold the camera while Nicola and Nanny cooked lamb and vegetables. To put it online for everyone to see (hello Auntie Sharon and Uncle Todd in Australia!) I converted it to DivX…