Category: Warbirds

  • Eurocon – Extended Play

    Firstly, I should point out once again that the Eurocon is held in the Netherlands so local time while we were there (I’m home now) was 1 hour ahead of UK time. My server is set to publish times based on the UK so while that last comment said it was 3am when ‘Flower’ kicked…

  • Eurocon – they tell me to shut my computer down

    Eurocon – They tell me to shut my computer down. Until tomorrow friends! Goodnight <S>

  • Eurocon – The Duel Championship

    Phew! The Dual is an event everyone took part in. 2 pilots working together against another 2 pilots. A warbirds fight to the death using the same aircraft, same level, same fuel. My partner, Dhyran. The rules (as they started): Same Plane, Same Altitude, Same Fuel: No firing until after the “merge”, which is where…