Batch qr code generator in python

I needed to generate a lot of sequential QR codes for work.

After a little searching I found a Python module that generates QR codes so all I had to do was work out a small python script to generate each code and save the image. as 001.png as 002.png

and so on. Having done this, I’ve shared the script on github

I will be using the codes as signs around our showroom and redirecting the code to particular web pages which will change over time. I could also see the script being useful if you wanted to generate serial numbers as QR codes. I’m also sure someone else has already done this and shared it, but I didn’t have any luck finding those solutions so made my own.

Setting up Google Workspace for a small business – part 9

Migrating Google Sites to the new domain

We use Google Sites for our intranet. It’s a place we keep policies and procedures for quick reference and easy updating. Access is restricted to anyone with a “” email address. I struggled to work out how to migrate this service to our new domain until I found this guide, and then it was obvious!

Our intranet won’t win any graphic design awards, but it does make it easier to do our best work.

Step 1: In the old domain, add an editors email address from your new domain (“share with others” near the top right).

In the new domain, go the site that was shared with you, choose the menu item “Make a copy”

Now you have a copy of the site in your new domain. For us, I use the ‘share with others’, link and change the link options to suit, so Anyone in “” can access our intranet” but it’s not a public site.