Good Sailing opportunity!

i-bc3c592c39309c57bdcbc791f0b48c7b-morningstar-sailingship.jpgI haven’t posted here for a long time as I’ve been busy on other projects, but this is a quick sharing of a very good sailing opportunity (which I’d take up myself if I wasn’t working). Too many words to include on facebook and twitter!

Morning Star Trust (Sail training ship) Vacancies on board
7 day or a 5 day sailing trip with us for just 99 ! This is a special price to fill the last few places on the boat

(From the newsletter I get)…
– action please: (from Ted) We have some great news, people can come on a
7 day or a 5 day sailing trip with us for just 99 ! This is a special price to fill the last few places on the boat on the Normandy Wine Run (14th-20th May) and the the Channel Islands Adventure (23rd-27th May).

The only problem is that people don’t know about it!
You are by far the most effective way for them to find out. A recommendation from a friend carries more weight than any advert these days.

Could you make your friend’s year by emailing them or putting out a Facebook message or Tweet, telling them about these discounts and giving them the link to the brochure, which is
The brochure still shows the trips at 330 and 240 respectively, so please let them know that about the last minute deal. Thank you. I know you are busy people, but this seems to be the best way to help Morning Star Trust serve people

(Quick addition from me: I loved sailing on this ship as a teenager. It’s where I learnt about halyards, bowline knots, how to make pasta and cheese and so many other great things and memories – I recommend you all inundate them with bookings right now!)

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!

It may be apparent I’ve not been typing a lot lately. Well, I have, just not in the blog. Having caught up with work and other real life fun things I’m hoping to post several entries that are overdue. Before I do that, some suitable geek humour that had me in fits of laughter (good job I’m the only one in the office).


(funnier for me perhaps, ’cause sudo refers to the ‘root’ user…. hey, it’s geek humour, it’ll mean nothing to 99% of the population so you’ll not be perfectly normal not to understand it)

Laughing Horse? It's a comedy club a friend was performing at…

How do you spell “hungry horse” in 4 letters?


Now you know why I’m not a comedian, but when my Nan told me that joke I thought it was very funny. Well, actually, she had to explain that another name for horse was gee-gee which is why I remembered it so I guess I didn’t find it funny.

Still, the reason for the bad joke was a weekend or two ago Rhonda and I went to London for the evening to see a comedy show. It began as a west end musical but the phone line of the show said they’d sold out for every Saturday. Then I remembered my friend Richard. I’ve known Richard for many years, first as a talented script writer, more recently as an Actor and Comidian. True, I’d seen more of him on TV in recent years than face to face but I’d never seen his comedy. From his myspace page I found out he was going to be at a comedy club that same weekend so I booked to go and see him. All of this was a bit of a surprise to Rhonda, this was a romantic weekend away complete with posh hotel. Best of all, I discovered comedy clubs are cheaper than west end shows.

This particular gig was organised by the Laughing Horse comedy club “Upstairs at the Old Goat Tavern” not far off… was it Oxford Street? I’m terrible with London places. Anyway, the upstairs room was about 8m long by 4m wide and comfortably seated all 20 or so of the audience. Intimate? Yes, giving me the feeling it would be very good or very bad.

It turned out to be very good. Richard told me afterwards that this sort of venue is great for testing out material before using it in bigger clubs. There were about 8 performers and a compare who was funny in his own right. I felt that the performances were lined up in order of ability, best last. Although, that may be simply the audience had warmed up more as the evening went on. Come to think of it, there may be a correlation between the amount of Ale drunk and how funny I remember people being.

Best of all, Richard was funny. When I booked I hadn’t considered the possibility of him being rubbish and then having to be honest with him afterwards. Rhonda enjoyed it too, we’ll definately go again.