Movable Type Beta

Things may look much the same to the casual viewer, but behind the seens there’s been an update. The site is now run using MovableType 3.2(beta). Beta means that it’s still being tested and it’s not guaranteed to work without problems. As this site isn’t critical (it’s just me playing around) I’ve decided to try the beta and report any feedback. I’m glad I did, my version of RedHat Enterprise Server is getting a little long in the tooth (waiting for the latest version to be tested by my managed server provider before moving to a brand new server) and some of the software was a little too out of date for things to run smoothly.

SixApart (and especially Shirley) are doing a wonderful job responding to Bugs. First point of note – they work Sundays just like me! So when I posted my bug on Sunday evening I got a reply within an hour. The reply identified the problem, so I could go and research my particular set up to find out if that was the cause. It was, so not only is my server now updated an running 3.2Beta happily, future users of the software will benefit from an improved version that will hightlight the problem (the install routine should spot things like old software, but this particular one got though).

So, everyone wins from Beta software being tested on sites like this – before it hits production sites like …erm.. can’t think of any other than SixAparts own sites. Now I’ve re-enabled comments may be you can suggest some.

How to resize a photo (jpg) to send in an email – (the quick way for Win XP)

I’ve written this for my sister Sharon, who’s trying to send photos of Lily to everyone she knows but isn’t quite sure how to resize a photo/image to send in an email. At the moment, she does it using Windows built in image program “Paint”. But there’s a much much quicker way.

1) Find the photos on your computer, the image below has them on my desktop.


2) Right Click the image (or images – you can do them all in one go if you are emailing several), on the context menu go to “send to” and then “mail recipient”


3) A dialog box pops up asking you to choose whether or not to modify the images. The basic options are keep them the same or make them smaller. You can view the extended options and choose just how small you’d like to make the pictures too. Click OK when you’re happy.


4) Voila! Job done. Windows automatically resizes the images and attaches them to a new email for you.


Sharon & Todd have a daughter

Sharon Bowden (my sister) gave birth to her first child on the 6th of July in Australia. She has been named Lily. The only upseting thing (from my point of view) is that it will be a long time before I get to see them (Todd, Sharon &amp Lily) in the flesh. I’ve got a lot of saving to do in order to fly out to Australia and I’m quite sure all their earnings will be spent on things other than plane tickets.

The good news is both Mummy and Baby are healthy and in the modern world we can keep in touch over the internet.

Lily Ann Bowden 01.JPG
Daddy Todd &amp Lily

Lily Ann Bowden 02.JPG
Mummy Sharon &amp Lily

I did it!

Yes, Last Sunday I ran the 5km run around Herne Bay. It’s the first time I’ve run a flat course (being the area around my house is pretty hilly, heights between 14m – 114m with 1.5km of my house!) and I guess with all the other people running that combined to give me fastest ever time.

I started at the back, paced myself, and finished in 29 minutes having overtaken a fair number of people who rushed off at the start. Thanks for the pace tip Dave!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to run at all this week as I appear to have notably hurt my leg (a particular pain on my right shin) but hopefully I’ll be back running in the next few days. Then I’ll have to go find another 5km run!

I’ve been keeping a running log by emailing myself after every run. If I get time (not likely!) then I may well write a little running log to appear somewhere on these pages. Then you can all email me and tell me to run faster!