Month: July 2005

  • Movable Type Beta

    Things may look much the same to the casual viewer, but behind the seens there’s been an update. The site is now run using MovableType 3.2(beta). Beta means that it’s still being tested and it’s not guaranteed to work without problems. As this site isn’t critical (it’s just me playing around) I’ve decided to try…

  • How to resize a photo (jpg) to send in an email – (the quick way for Win XP)

    I’ve written this for my sister Sharon, who’s trying to send photos of Lily to everyone she knows but isn’t quite sure how to resize a photo/image to send in an email. At the moment, she does it using Windows built in image program “Paint”. But there’s a much much quicker way. 1) Find the…

  • Linux on a USB Memory Stick

    I’ve finally got it working! Linux running of a USB Key. It wasn’t so hard to set up once I’d found Puppy Linux. As this is going to get more technical, you’ll have to follow the link to the extended entry about this (otherwise I’ll bore most of you reading this).