Month: October 2008

  • Pure highway in car DAB radio – time to play with my prize!

    What better thing to be done on a day off than play with the Pure Highway DAB radio that I won. So on a sunny afternoon I took the box into the car and unpacked it like a 6 year old unpacking toys on Christmas day. So here it is in the box, in the…

  • I'm still scared of speaking in public

    It must be around 4 years ago I first heard about Chaucer Speakers Club. I remember a man named Jim visited the BNI group I’d set up and gave a very confident and clear presentation. He spoke of his involvement with the Chaucer Speakers Club as a place where anyone can visit to learn ways…

  • Root Nicknames

    We all have nicknames. Some we know of, some we don’t. Some we find fun, some we don’t. A friend just emailed me on a Rotary topic using “Rootlebaumeisterstuck”. I have no idea how that came to be made up! Within the club I’m often named Rooty simply because there are 4 members called Steve.