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I love reading. In fact, the only think I dislike about reading is getting to the end of a good book. You want the story to continue even though you know it’s reached it’s conclusion. How many books I read varies depends on two interlinked variables. 1) Having a book and 2) Having the time.

I hate carrying a book around with me for just in case I get the time, although invariably I’ll leave a half read book in the car. When staying in hotels (seemingly more frequent as I visit more or our suppliers) is also one of the few times I’ll deliberately pack a book or two.

Most of my books come from second hand bookshops and although I’ve never really though about there being a theme to the books I choose I’m noticing a lot of military/action/’good guys always win’ thrillers and just recently a lot of science fiction. The next posts in this category wil be my brief reviews of books as I read them. Not being one to miss an opportunity, you can even buy a copy yourself using the convieniently placed Amazon links (and yes, if you do I may well earn a few pennies!). Although, I expect a lot of what I’m reading is out of print. hey ho!

International post

I’m standing in a hotel bar in Maastricht using my PDA on the hotels free wireless network to write this post. Fantastic! This is the way all hotels should be. If you are interested the hotel is the Bastion www.bastionhotel.nl (and there’s a new problem – this keyboard doesn’t have all the keys I need!)

My New Phone

For many many years I’ve had a Nokia 8310. i-d1a6a1f76608556337d5817d63224bc6-nk8310e_large.jpgLike the one in the picture here. It worked fine, fitted the car kit and did all that was expected of it. I also had a Palm IIIc (like the picture here) i-90b1370cddfaaa73eda123cd727cd94f-palmiiic_right.jpgwhich meant that I could take my diary with me. It would automatically update the office diary so everyone would know where I was, and everyone could add/update appointments as needed. It was a great setup, but unfortunately there was a fatal flaw in this arrangement. I almost always didn’t have the Palm with me when I wanted it. Not because it was too big, the size was fine. It was just that whereas I could remember to take the phone with me, I didn’t use the Palm enough to make sure I would always have that with me.

There’s another problem I’ve had too. Everywhere I go on business I need to take my laptop with me. It means should something happen on one of the servers I can log in and fix it remotely. It doesn’t happen often, but it sure makes me feel better knowing that if it does I can probably do something about it. It’s no fun carrying a laptop around all day just in case and I’d been thinking it would be great if I got a PDA that could browse the internet, be my diary and be my phone all in one go. Well, these type of devices have slowly become more common but it’s only now that I’ve finally decided it’s worth spending some money in an effort to make life a little easier.

i-9bdfe191608b0e41ff4a89a9379e1702-MDA.jpgSo here it is, my new phone is an O2 XDA Exec. (Actually, the picture is the silver coloured HTC Universal, the 02 model is black and branded for 02 but the only decent image I could find was from the original equipment manufacturer) This is probably going to be another very long and boring post for most of you, so if you’re really interested follow the link to see all I’ve got to say on the big change over.
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