Month: March 2006

  • A new category!

    I love reading. In fact, the only think I dislike about reading is getting to the end of a good book. You want the story to continue even though you know it’s reached it’s conclusion. How many books I read varies depends on two interlinked variables. 1) Having a book and 2) Having the time.…

  • International post

    I’m standing in a hotel bar in Maastricht using my PDA on the hotels free wireless network to write this post. Fantastic! This is the way all hotels should be. If you are interested the hotel is the Bastion (and there’s a new problem – this keyboard doesn’t have all the keys I need!)

  • My New Phone

    For many many years I’ve had a Nokia 8310. Like the one in the picture here. It worked fine, fitted the car kit and did all that was expected of it. I also had a Palm IIIc (like the picture here) which meant that I could take my diary with me. It would automatically update…