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I love reading. In fact, the only think I dislike about reading is getting to the end of a good book. You want the story to continue even though you know it’s reached it’s conclusion. How many books I read varies depends on two interlinked variables. 1) Having a book and 2) Having the time.

I hate carrying a book around with me for just in case I get the time, although invariably I’ll leave a half read book in the car. When staying in hotels (seemingly more frequent as I visit more or our suppliers) is also one of the few times I’ll deliberately pack a book or two.

Most of my books come from second hand bookshops and although I’ve never really though about there being a theme to the books I choose I’m noticing a lot of military/action/’good guys always win’ thrillers and just recently a lot of science fiction. The next posts in this category wil be my brief reviews of books as I read them. Not being one to miss an opportunity, you can even buy a copy yourself using the convieniently placed Amazon links (and yes, if you do I may well earn a few pennies!). Although, I expect a lot of what I’m reading is out of print. hey ho!

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