If that was a small earthquake…

If that was a small earthquake, I never want to be in a big one!

For just a few seconds this morning (maybe 4) the building shook in a way buildings shouldn’t shake accompanied by a low rumbling sound. It actually felt like the building lent way from me while I sat at my desk but I would guess that’s just perspective playing tricks. I did get up and check the back to see something hadn’t driven or fallen onto it (tree perhaps?) but all seemed normal so I got back to work wondering if that was an earthquake.

Time to check the news services to find out about it:

Sword of Honour (Alexander Kent)

I love flying, I like sailing. Therefore a book involving sailing is probably going to hold my interest though I found this one hard going. I’m not sure it’s the books fault, more the fact I took a couple of weeks to go through the first few chapters before I had more reading time. It improved towards the end, but even so it’s not one I’d choose to read again or rave about to my friends.

Sharpe's Honour (Bernard Cornwell)

Another classic Sharpe, I’m amazed by just how many stories Bernard Cornwell has written about one man, in one historically accurate time-line of 20 of his characters years.

Sharpe is politically outmaneuvered early in the story by Major Pierre Ducos which results in Sharpe being hanged….. except we know he survives as he is in the next book. Exactly how he survives and how he proves his innocence of the accused crime is a masterpiece of creative thought and story telling. Another great read.