Image Discovery

i-000836117db307107ac7dc8a49787980-mt3-logo-small.gifI’ve just discovered how easy it is to add images to entries on this blog! The first image is nothing more interesting than the logo of Movable Type (the software I’m using to run this blog). One really neat touch is that once you’ve selected and uploaded a file (you chose from a windows style popup that lets you look though the files on your computer) it then gives you the code you need to copy and paste into your entry. Very smart.

Rotating Banners and "SU -"

The site is slowly taking shape. The two great leap forwards I’ve had today are the rotating baners and my attempt at a logo.

Rotating Banners first, I’ve used a simple PHP script I found at a list apart. I created the images in Macromedia Fireworks (because I have a copy, otherwise the same thing could have been done with any number of free graphics software available on the internet).

The “logo” is a play on my name Root and its use in Linux (an operating system used mostly for servers). Tasks such as installing software can only be done when you are logged in as the ‘root’ user. The command to log in as the root user is “su -“.

Dangerous Words

I’ve just found a neat little summary of words that don’t make sense when used on a web page. Dangerous words is a simple page listing the word or phrase and the reason why not to use it and what to use in its place. If you’re wondering why I haven’t said click here to follow that link, you need to read the page 🙂