Running Rooties

Thanks to brother Dave, I seem to have caught the running bug. Now, whether I get up to Dave’s level remains to be seen (probably not likely now he’s an accomplished marathron runner!), but with the warmer weather I’ve quite enjoyed running up and down Boughton Hill. Keeping the running kit in the car has meant I’ve been able to stop at one new place this week – I ran across the top of the North Downs (those are a range of hills that run across Kent for distant readers) over Folkstone the other evening. My longest running record so far! 17 minutes may not sound like much to many of you, but it’s and improvement on my 12 minute maximum the previous week.

If it's quiet here – I'm busy!

If it seems rather quiet on these pages lately it’s simply because I’ve been busy doing other things. Things like getting electronic data from suppliers and working out the code to reformat their data into something my systems will read. Things like the boughton 10 run which not only have “Roots” agreed to sponsor, we sort of ended up helping with the administration and processing of the ‘somewhere near’ 600 expected entries.

I am still here, and will eventually finish off the half done posts currently hidden from your view. I may even get round to fixing some of the CSS display bugs I’ve noticed.

Oh well, back to work.