Nice little badge for my blog

I beta tested Movable Type 3.2 Those nice people at Movable Type have not only finished testing the new version of Movable Type, they made a nice little badge for the people who helped look for bugs. In all I found 1 bug that no one else had reported (fixed in less than 24 hours) and 1 that had already been reported and fixed (the beta was being fixed and re-released daily and I was one release behind the current!).

Now the new version is complete I’m running out of excuses to delay starting my first MT plugin…

another busy month

Another busy month. Lots of news I guess.

-Mum is in Australia (well, in a plane to Australia as I write this) to see Sharon, Todd & Lily.
-I’ve given myself more work by deciding to create a web site to promote the local ATC squadron, then even more by deciding to give subdomains away on the domain name I bought for it (when you’ve got as many domains as I have, they get very cheap).
-I’ve created Todd’s website based on some artwork they had a designer do. It’s at I made a template so Sharon can put the content on herself.
-and then there’s all those normal work things of surveys, computers to fix & troubleshoot, improvements to the internal office system, getting more suppliers to provide electronic data that makes us more efficient.
-I’ve started entering the Boughton 10K runners into the software too, had 50 so far, another 30 that I’m waiting for more details on (they entered online and I only got a cheque from the runnersworld web site – James the race director got the names and addresses). Some interesting statistics which I’ll post here when I get time. Like the oldest runner will be 72 years old, and how well the mailshots worked amongst other interesting things.

Back to basics

The beta test is going really well (at least, I haven’t found any major data damaging bugs, or been able to break it in any way). Therefore, I’m going to reset the site templates to the new defaults.

The site templates control how these pages look. I’d done a little customisation of the templates (adding things like the rotating banner at the top of the page with all the family photos) but I never quite made it look the way i wanted. The new templates have a few new features too, so be prepared for some strange looking pages while I experiment.