another busy month

Another busy month. Lots of news I guess.

-Mum is in Australia (well, in a plane to Australia as I write this) to see Sharon, Todd & Lily.
-I’ve given myself more work by deciding to create a web site to promote the local ATC squadron, then even more by deciding to give subdomains away on the domain name I bought for it (when you’ve got as many domains as I have, they get very cheap).
-I’ve created Todd’s website based on some artwork they had a designer do. It’s at I made a template so Sharon can put the content on herself.
-and then there’s all those normal work things of surveys, computers to fix & troubleshoot, improvements to the internal office system, getting more suppliers to provide electronic data that makes us more efficient.
-I’ve started entering the Boughton 10K runners into the software too, had 50 so far, another 30 that I’m waiting for more details on (they entered online and I only got a cheque from the runnersworld web site – James the race director got the names and addresses). Some interesting statistics which I’ll post here when I get time. Like the oldest runner will be 72 years old, and how well the mailshots worked amongst other interesting things.

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