Solicitors who spam? That would be Edwards Duthie Solicitors

Ah, the spam wars. I haven’t posted to this topic for a long time. Not because the spam has stopped but because I’ve had other things to occupy me.

I thought I’d blog this bit of spam though, solicitors firm Edwards Duthie who decided to spam my email with the image below. I emailed them twice to ask where they got my email address from but they didn’t reply. I then thought I’d look for the email address of their data controller but it turns out the information commissioner only publishes a postal address to the public register of data controllers.

On their web site, they describe themselves as “With 13 Partners and some 100 staff operating out of two main offices and three satellite offices, we are one of the largest law firms in the East London/West Essex region.” so perhaps I’m naive to have expected a reply to my emails, or for them to follow the law. Or maybe they know the law has no teeth, so it’s OK to spam because it won’t affect their business negatively as much as they will gain from people that reply.

The email was sent via mailchimp. That means I can unsubscribe knowing mailchimp will block any more, perhaps even drop Edwards Duthie as a customer if they have lots of complaints. It also means it got through my spam filters (mailchimp do a good job of keeping spammers from their network) and there’s every chance wherever Edwards Duthie bought my email address from will continue selling it, I’ll continue getting spam and a couple of times a week I’ll be pulling email I want from my spam folder amongst the thousand or so others from people like Edwards Duthie.