Email from a new business that want's to supply my business

Hoorah! Matthew actually took the time to visit our web site, read the page about supplying to us and use the special email address.  Sure, the video wasn’t really just for our company but effort was there.  So, we don’t need a video right now but maybe if I share this here google will notice him quicker and help this new business become an established business.

Hi my name is Matthew Jones, I have started a new business called Blue Dot Media offering promotional videos as well as graphic design, since this is my first week in business I have made a video for your company please find below. The reason for this email is I am offering you a promotional video with your own photos for only £65.00.

Click to view the video on Youtube

  • A professionally designed video adds value to your website and credibility to your business, you can put it right on your homepage to be viewed as soon as a visitor hits your site.
  •  Another bonus is YouTube videos have a habit of coming close to page one faster than your website does sometimes.
  • You’re also able to submit the video to the top video sharing websites, creating a network of back links and potential traffic sources to your business. You can post it on your Facebook page, it gives you something to Tweet about, send out to your mailing list etc.

Thanks Matthew Jones
Blue Dot Media My Website


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