Google workspace – printing the collaborative inbox / printing google groups

One of our new work processes is for my by brother to check invoices from a group of suppliers and if they’re OK to pay forward them to a private collaborative inbox/google group in our Google Workspace.

It has been working really well so far but there’s been one issue. Some of those suppliers send their invoices as plain text and Google collaborative inbox has no print button. I need to print them as part of our accounting records.

I found lots of people asking for a print button or trying to find a way around the limitation but no one had a solution. (this example) So I put my lateral thinking hat on and came up with a simple work around.

Select with your mouse the text/images you want to print, right click, print.

and it worked. One of my better ideas, so I’m sharing it here in the hope it helps others. As a bonus, I even did a screen recording to show the steps. The obvious gotcha is that if you select an image as part of the text and right click on the image instead of the text, then you won’t get the ‘print’ option. I hope it helps, say hello if it does 🙂


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