After Win 8.1 update display has shrunk

I’ve been setting up our first Windows 8 PC at work and working through all the bugs and gotchas a new operating system introduces to work.

Part way through the process the Windows 8.1 update happened and once rebooted there was a black border around the screen. AMD Catalyst wouldn’t start but windows reported the correct screen resolution being sent to the monitor. The monitor was fine when plugged into another PC.

I reinstalled the catalyst control centre (download from AMD) and started working through the settings to see if I could find the problem.

In Scaling Options (Digital Flat-Panel), the update had somehow corrupted the setting for underscan. I have a feeling that setting was wrong when I first installed the graphics card and drivers, so maybe the error is the AMD side rather than the Microsoft side.

Setting the scaling to 0% solved the problem.



3 responses to “After Win 8.1 update display has shrunk”

  1. really helpful thanks !

  2. A related problem. Updating another work PC to windows 8.1, the Catalyst Control Centre wouldn’t start. Installing the latest (legacy) drivers from the ATI web site wasn’t working either. I found the solution at

  3. Thank you so much, sorted it out in a trice!

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