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Missing options in outlook web access? I was. I wanted to forward email from a service using Outlook Web Access but I didn’t have the option. It was simply missing. A friend had told me where to find it. I googled it and saw instructions on how to set it, but it wasn’t there. I could not see the ‘rules’ option. It was as if this account had restricted privileges.

328-outlook web access in google-thumb-300x132-327.png

Then I noticed, all the instructions on the internet had different colours and layouts. Was this service using a very old version of OWA? Probably… (It’s on an MOD server used for the Air Training Corps) but also… this is Microsoft Outlook Web Access and I’m using Chrome on Mac…. you wouldn’t think… surely not… Microsoft would write the web interface to only work on Internet Explorer…..

So, I fire up parallels and Windows 7 on my Mac, open Internet Explorer, log in and the world changes. All of a sudden I have every option I’ve been reading about. Suddenly the crippled web program becomes useful. Well, useful enough to set up forwarding – now I can action the emails through my gmail account 🙂

331-outlook in IE-thumb-300x173-330.png


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  1. It is good to note that as of Nov 19th, Outlook Web Access(Premium) isn’t compatible with IE11. You may need to revert back to IE10.

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