Red Mushroom, White Spots, found on my walk through the woods

Photo of a red mushroom with white spots
Red Mushroom with white spots

I love mushrooms. As an alternative to cheese (one of my other loved foods), I love mushroom sandwiches too. Bread is of course my other loved food. Yes, I’m a cheese sandwhich junkie first, mushroom sandwich junkie second.

Imagine my joy when walking through the woods to find this beauty. I’ve heard it said that most mushrooms in the UK are OK to eat… fortunately I don’t think ‘most’ is anywhere near a good enough probability ratio to experiment with. I did spend 10 minutes on my PDA accessing the internet to identify it but gave up and carried on walking. Having now looked up what this mushroom is, it’s an Amanita Muscaria and the website of “Rogers Mushrooms” give it an edibility rating of “Deadly”.

Perhaps the bright red cap with white spiky bits on top of the red are natures way of telling me “Red is danger, spiky bits mean danger too so you really don’t want to eat me Steve!”, that and I thought it looked like a friendly cartoon mushroom far to good to eat, happily growing in tree dappled sunshine.

Update: Steve in the comments section posted a link to a YouTube video from BBC Worldwide talking about this mushroom

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  1. I was reading about these the other day on the internet on my moms phone and it reads these mushrooms can cause nausea or some kind of intoxication. What does that mean? It says they’re safe to eat but doesn’t give directions on how to fix them to be ready to eat? Do you have any answers on that one?

    1. The way the ancient shamans used these mushrooms was to actually let reindeer eat them and then drink the pee. The reindeer are able to clean the poisons that are toxic to humans

  2. Steve,

    The Amanita Muscaria is at the center of religious and ancient art from the beginning of history. It can be deadly, but if dried and prepared properly can open your eyes to a reality (not this one)you never knew existed. There is a rather long but informative video by two scientists on this subject I watched with astonishment as I am also a scientist, but a problem with my computer caused me to lose it. You’ll find it as I did on the internet. Eye-opener is an understatement. Just thought I should be fair and let you know. The rest is up to you.

  3. I just looked out my bedroom window and saw this mushroom all by itself on the front lawn. It’s good to know it’s poisonous.

    I have never seen it before but Googling red mushroom white spots came up on Google Suggest.

    Also, I am in Australia as well and it has just rained.

  4. I too see these mushrooms every day. On Skipwith Common in North Yorkshire (between York and Selby.) I live on the road leading to the common. There are quite a few patches of them.

  5. this red mushrooms all over the place found loads in nottinghamshire uk and they are drying out 4 a sample :/
    my friend told me about these shrooms and says cup of tea with a gram of dryed shroom u will trip ur bollex of 🙂 but he is still here so cant be that harmfull ??
    ill post 2 let u no how i go 🙂

  6. I just went camping at the Wowo site near Tunbridge Wells and saw loads of these – some that look just that picture and some with a more “umbrella” top. Amazing!

  7. just to let you know the are also happily growing in a park in vancouver bc canada.looks like a bit of a magical city around the bottom of a silver birch tree.they are edible(i think) if boiled first,but how good va=can a boiled mushroom tatse like.regards

  8. I see this mushroom in Washington state on the upper left coast. I see them when walking the dogs in the Hood Canal area

  9. Hello, My husband and I were out walking yesterday, it’s a walk we take everyday and we spotted the Red mushroom with white spots, so i got on the computer and identified it. We live in Veneta, Oregon it is 20 miles east of Eugene, Oregon and 200 miles south of Portland Oregon.. On our walk tomorrow i am going to take a picture of it. I have never seen one like it around here. There are 2 of them but one is especially beautiful.. Nice to know they are poison. Just wanted to let you know.
    Sincerly, Lou Le Blanc…

  10. those types of mushrooms if prepared properly can lead to extraordinary hallucinations like you are lost in time in a new diminsion

  11. Oddly enough snails and slugs love this mushroom. Maybe that’s their way of not being eaten by birds?

  12. I just went to visit a friend as she’s moved house and low and behold right outside her front door is a small park area with a kids play area and I counted about 7 different types of mushrooms growing around 1 single tree and this was one of them!

    She’s going to report it to the Local Council 1st thing Monday.

  13. Today, I saw this same type of mushroom while I’m walking at first I though it was a red rubber spiky ball but when i go near i notice it is mushroom it is beautiful and suddenly I remember the Gnomeo and Juliet Movie.. LOL So i took some pictures of it then i try to find out the name, if it is poisonous etc. and thanks to you my question already got an answer… ^____^

  14. I have a cloud of these under my birch trees. They look wonderful… just glad my grandchildren aren’t around right now. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

  15. I just found one while walking my dog… I live in an apartment complex and never found this here before. It has been raining everyday so maybe that is why it is here in GA,ATL

  16. Michael - I found one today in my yard in Monterey California. Tom hasn't (yet) defined "properly prepared". says:

    As above, I found one today growing in a grove of large Monterey Pines at my home on Monterey California.

  17. My dad found these in Poulsbo Washington on his morning walk and has some pictures to show how cool they look, but I see they are really bad mushrooms.

    1. Thanks for the link!
      For everyone else, it’s a clip from BBC Worldwide with a video of the same type of mushroom. If you’re reading this, it’s worth watching

  18. I found two of these mushrooms on a walk through the woods near Ward Lake, in Colorado. Very pretty and apparently deadly. I left them there!

  19. Hello, we have a red mushroom with white spots growing on it’s own in our garden in London Colney, St Albans. There has never been one here in the past 11 years. It is so beautiful and such a surprise. Yes the slugs love it.


    1. lol
      Real life is like Minecraft Hardcore mode, but with mushrooms that can be deadly poisonous – I’d suggest you don’t try using these mushrooms for soup 😉

  21. I have eaten these with my brother one night camping, didn’t boil them just pulled them out the ground and started eating the tops slowly then we thought there was ants crawling out of them then realised we were just starting to trip balls! And trip balls we did but take them very wisely because they are VERY VERY potent

  22. Hi Steve – last week I saw a group of the redcap toadstools in all their glory – and was so impressed by them I took a couple of photos – yesterday I realised the top I had bought on the same day had a design containing the redcap! This coincidence led me to look up and therefore come across your site. When reading your site I realise you have a a web site with the name Ruby ( which was my mothers name) plus your kitchen business has the name Waghorn included which also happened to be my mothers maiden name!
    Strange co-incidences – felt I just had to say!

  23. Hello
    I’ve never came close too one of these wonderful coloured shaped mushrooms ever in my life
    But today walking throw a crematorium in my home town
    A town in Somerset in England under a pine tree was
    This mushroom it had some of the colours left
    It looked as if squirrel had of attracted it
    I looked around there was no more of these mushrooms or any sign of a dead squirrel

  24. For every edible mushroom, there is a poisonous version, that looks the same.
    This is not true the other way around though.

  25. just been chestnuting and a hobby photography ,and came across the beautiful red and yellow spotted mushroom ,id never seen a mushroom like that before ,when got back I did reacherch on the mushrooms and they are believed to be deadly ,giving stomach cramps ,vomiting and can cause serious harm if eaten

  26. on a walk with the dogs I saw,under a tree,a light coloured mushroom with red spots on.
    can anyone help with identity. this was in Nottinghamshire. thank you

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