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My recent posts about taking a spammer to court have had quite a lot of interest. A whole host of people came via something called “Stumble Upon”. I’d never heard of that site so had a little look… which has turned into a longer look!

Stumble Upon is a web site where people share links to other web sites. Using their toolbar, you can click the “stumble” button and it will take you to a web site that may be of passing interest. Where it takes you is defined initially by the subjects you say you are interested in and then (at least I guess) how you rate those sites.

My first stumbles this evening have taken me through a variety of linux related web sites, including this one (screen shot provided in case it vanishes off the web). It appears to be the text of the linux kernel (the operation system) but someone has changed the font colours in different places so that you can see a picture of the Linux penguin logo. I highlighted the bottom row of text in the screenshot so you can see the text is still there – just black on black.

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay on ‘stumble upon’ though, I can see it eating a lot of spare time.


2 responses to “Stumble upon – first stumbles”

  1. Old SU can eat up lots of time if you let it but it can be a fantastic way to share content with friends. Whenever I see something cool and think “X would love this” I can send it to them there and then. Of course I also now do a lot of my research in some of the profiles look for a guy called Andy Beard (he crashed my old server the first time he stumbled a diagram of mine) his stumbles are always very interesting and an education on their own.

    Enjoy your stumbling.

  2. Steve,

    I know the feeling. The same thing’s happened to me. Someone did a StumbleUpon on my website and I did four times the traffic in 8 hours that I do in a week there.

    While the majority didn’t stay long or ‘bounced’ out, there were a number that stayed over two minutes.

    Does this mean we’re not Stumbling virgins now?

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