Tuesday's War (David Fiddimore)

I want to email this author and tell him he’s a bastard.

With my well known interest in all things aviation you could expect me to enjoy a book based around the times of a Lancaster bomber crew serving in World War 2. However, I would have loved this book if it had been set in a factory – it’s about the crew, their experiences, their relationships and the impact of one unusual woman on the crew. The detail of the lifestyle of the aircrew is complete down to an 8 berth hut with an inadequate coal burner for heat. The woman in question was called Grace, the name of the book comes from what the crew name their new bomber “Tuesdays Child” (from the poem with the lines “Tuesdays child is full of grace”). Grace does far more than influence the name of the bomber.

The book is superbly written, a joy to read and full of detail that makes the characters come to life. The ending itself was so well crafted if it were art it would be attributed to one of the great masters. Charlie Bassett, the radio operator who narrates us through the story, appears for one small chapter after at the end of the book many years after the war . Charlie says many things to close the story, though he never tells us what happens to Grace and although I think it’s hinted at, I really wanted it to be a clear and happy ending.

Yes, I want to tell this author he’s a bastard because I have a feeling other books will struggle to finish with the same standard of pleasure. I guess sometimes a vague ending is the best ending after all. Definately worth reading.

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  1. I aim to please; glad you liked Tuesday…and by the way – I am; but I got over it years ago! Thanks for the excellent review

    Dave and Charlie

  2. i’ve yet to read his books,
    beleive it or not he is a part of my family my grandad’s (brian) cousin so if david, you are reading this comment i guess hi for the first time.

  3. I couldn’t agree more….by far the best of the veritable flood of WWII fighter/bomber books that have bene released in recent years…. I’m still trying to get my hands on Charlie’s War (the sequel to Tuesday’s War) which I don’t believe was ever even released in this country… I’m over in the UK this April so will chase up a copy while there…preferable in Trade Paperbook format which I prefer my paperbacks to be.

    Les Elmer
    New Zealand..

  4. Agree. But read the rest of the series but do not get them mixed up. All will be revealed. I, too, read the last chapter and wonder who on earth “the old lady” is!

    Regards Hugh

  5. I want to contact David Fiddimore. In his latest book he asks for comments about Ivy Benson and her all Girls Band. They performed in our camp in Fayid in 1953. I also want to comment about the Avro York.

  6. Without doubt the best war novel I’ve ever read. And I’ve read it four or five times from cover to cover. Superbly researched, excellent characterisations and well written dialogue. Can’t fault it.

  7. I happened upon Tuesday’s War while shelf browsing, I finished reading it in record time. Then went searching for other books by this author and discovered the Charlie Bassett series. The authenticity of the times they were about and the historical events are marvellous.
    Unfortunately it seems the well has dried up and David Fiddimore has no more ink in his pen. PITY.

  8. I found Tuesday’s War in a post office charity bin for a £1.
    Just had to buy it.
    The story is well fought out.
    Can’t wait to read the other titles.

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