Is damn a swear word?

Just a thought I’d like some opinions on: Is damn a swear word?

I’ve been thinking that over time different words develop different meanings to different generations. Words that were offensive many years ago have no meaning today. I remember some TV drama set in the past where the phrase “sweating” was offensive. “You don’t sweat” said the posh lady, “people perspire, only horses sweat”. I guess the phrase sweat like a horse meant something when a horse was the primary source of transport and mechanisation.

Anyway, is damn still considered a swear word would you think?

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  1. Hi Steve,
    here’s my opinion on the word ‘Damn’
    I wouldn’t consider ‘Damn’ to be a swear word, saying that, i am still only 16, so my life experience is quite limited.
    But i still don’t consider ‘Damn’ to be a swear word.

    1. Hi i think its a swear word
      but ive said it tons of times lo god damn god damn i cursed God like 100 times in my life

    2. Hi Steve,

      I do not think that damn is a great word but it is also not a bad word. If you say damn I really hate you than it may be a little offensive but if you hurt yourself and say damn than it would not be too bad. I am ten years old.

  2. hi steve
    i am 86 years old and as far as i can remember the word damn has never been a swear, infact i remember back in world war 2 we used the word as a commpliment for our comrades.

  3. i’m a nonnative speaker, and i’m doing a research on swearing. as many references i read, “damn” is considered a swearword, but i see that it is used very normally and frequently among native speakers. i’m so confused! could anyone explain for me, plz?

    1. Hi… I think it depends on when you use the word and how you use it… e.g 1. you tell someone something politely then they reply by saying they don’t give a damn, now that is harsh and damn can be considered as a swear word in that statement because of the way it’s used… e.g 2. “damn its hot” or “damn I’m tired”, in that case it doesn’t offend anyone… So I wouldn’t consider it as a swear word when it’s being used in a sentence when describing something…

  4. I am only 15 but to me I don’t think damn is a swear. Today I was wearing a shirt grom nike that said “All Damn day” and my new prinsiple made me turn it inside out. I just think its absurd to do that.

  5. I personally believe that damn is not a curse word, but i realized that i was unsure of whether or not it was. I have checked with several other sites that which have also had a majority agreement that it is not really a curse word. i found that that was still not satisfactory enough so I went to youtube, most “clean” videos still have the word damn in them, I found this to be enough proof for me to be reassured that damn is not a curse word.

    1. These days it may not be considered a curse word, but it’s not a polite word. Surely with ALL the words in the dictionary, we can find a way to express ourselves without reverting to unsavory words. I’d much prefer to be know for expressing myself with eloquence, rather than slang, offensive words.

  6. Damn is not a swear word at all! I don’t know how it became one in the first place! I said it since I was 7 and I got no punishments

  7. I said “Damn” when did a math question wrong at school and my friend looked surprised at me that I said damn, and the person behind me said “Did you just swear?!?” I was really confused. I don’t think think that damn is a swear, but my Friedman and the person behind me did…?…?…?

    1. I said damn and the whole class heard that, and the teacher was like “you want to say that again” and I said no but in my mind I’m like sure!

    2. When you speak like that you let yourself down. People think less of you then. If you have a good command of the English language, it can take you far in you career. Don’t try to fit in with the other kids by speaking poorly. Learn your words, apply them in everyday life, and many doors will open for you when you finish school. Being articulate is one of the finest gifts you can possess.

  8. I am not sure if the people who are commenting on this are from the US but here it is considered vulgar language depending on the way it is used. If it is used in the manner such as, “the person was damned to hell” then no it is not. That is the true nature of the word. However, if you say, “he is a damn good friend” then that is considered inappropriate and therefore if would be considered vulgar.

    Its not a matter of cursing or the devil as some alluded to but what is socially acceptable as considered brash language. So no matter what your personal use is or opinion on the matter, socially it is not acceptable to use in all settings.

  9. Damn is not a curse word unless you put the word “God” in front of it. Then it is considered profane and/ or blasphemous as one should not use the Lords name in vain. Which is one of the 10 Commandments.

  10. Damn is not a curse word or what ever y’all want to call it!.!.! My teacher said it because this boy didn’t do his work just kept playing he said “shut up and do your damn work” if he said it and he’s a teacher then it’s not a curse word

  11. I don’t think it is a swear word. All my friends say it, my parents say it around my little sister and my teachers say it too! No one has ever told me it is when I have said it, but I’m from the UK and I don’t know if it is different in places like the US.

  12. No, I don’t think it’s a swear word. My little sister, Victoria thinks that it is. I always seem to catch her say “damn”. But, no I do not think it is a swear word, and I hope this helps you! 🙂
    Oh and btw I am 16

  13. Damn wouldn’t really be considered a swear word unless you’re in school I have said “Damn It” it in from of my teacher, and they replied, “hey watch your language!” But damn originally means condemned by God so don’t say it in front of Christians either

  14. I think it’s how you use it,if you using like at someone ok but it’s all means on how you use it

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