Blast from the past!

i-4d2d2d1c7f6940bd305adac20b78a6ce-ski.jpgJust heard from an old friend called Adam. We met some 15 years ago at Chatham Ski Centre. A group of blind skiiers were looking for guides so I volunteered (and ended up managing the log book of available guides for when someone wanted to go skiing). We’ve booked a ski session for a few weeks time. Adam is totally blind so my job as a guide is to shout “left” and “Right” at the appropriate time so he stays on the slope and doesn’t bump into anyone.


2 responses to “Blast from the past!”

  1. I presume, this ski event has happened, by now!? So, if it has, is Adam still alive or did he bump into, the side too many times and die?

  2. He survived, although I did call a right instead of a left at one point so he did a little grass skiing!

    They’ve fitted a new matting system at the ski slope now so I’ll have to go and test it before I take him next time

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