Is damn a swear word?

Just a thought I’d like some opinions on: Is damn a swear word?

I’ve been thinking that over time different words develop different meanings to different generations. Words that were offensive many years ago have no meaning today. I remember some TV drama set in the past where the phrase “sweating” was offensive. “You don’t sweat” said the posh lady, “people perspire, only horses sweat”. I guess the phrase sweat like a horse meant something when a horse was the primary source of transport and mechanisation.

Anyway, is damn still considered a swear word would you think?

9 thoughts on “Is damn a swear word?

  1. Hi Steve,
    here’s my opinion on the word ‘Damn’
    I wouldn’t consider ‘Damn’ to be a swear word, saying that, i am still only 16, so my life experience is quite limited.
    But i still don’t consider ‘Damn’ to be a swear word.

  2. hi steve
    i am 86 years old and as far as i can remember the word damn has never been a swear, infact i remember back in world war 2 we used the word as a commpliment for our comrades.

  3. i’m a nonnative speaker, and i’m doing a research on swearing. as many references i read, “damn” is considered a swearword, but i see that it is used very normally and frequently among native speakers. i’m so confused! could anyone explain for me, plz?

  4. I am only 15 but to me I don’t think damn is a swear. Today I was wearing a shirt grom nike that said “All Damn day” and my new prinsiple made me turn it inside out. I just think its absurd to do that.

  5. I personally believe that damn is not a curse word, but i realized that i was unsure of whether or not it was. I have checked with several other sites that which have also had a majority agreement that it is not really a curse word. i found that that was still not satisfactory enough so I went to youtube, most “clean” videos still have the word damn in them, I found this to be enough proof for me to be reassured that damn is not a curse word.

  6. Damn is not a swear word at all! I don’t know how it became one in the first place! I said it since I was 7 and I got no punishments

  7. I said “Damn” when did a math question wrong at school and my friend looked surprised at me that I said damn, and the person behind me said “Did you just swear?!?” I was really confused. I don’t think think that damn is a swear, but my Friedman and the person behind me did…?…?…?

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