• Rotating Banners and "SU -"

    The site is slowly taking shape. The two great leap forwards I’ve had today are the rotating baners and my attempt at a logo.

    Rotating Banners first, I’ve used a simple PHP script I found at a list apart. I created the images in Macromedia Fireworks (because I have a copy, otherwise the same thing could have been done with any number of free graphics software available on the internet).

    The “logo” is a play on my name Root and its use in Linux (an operating system used mostly for servers). Tasks such as installing software can only be done when you are logged in as the ‘root’ user. The command to log in as the root user is “su -“.

  • Dangerous Words

    I’ve just found a neat little summary of words that don’t make sense when used on a web page. Dangerous words is a simple page listing the word or phrase and the reason why not to use it and what to use in its place. If you’re wondering why I haven’t said click here to follow that link, you need to read the page 🙂

  • About this site

    Welcome, this site is just somewhere for me to call home on the web. OK, many of you may already know that I have other homes on the web but this one is just for me, unlike

  • Roots Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms (my work website)
  • Rooties.net (a site i use for general family stuff, my sisters web pages)
  • www.life-story.org (A site I started for anyone to share their life story – still a work in progress)
  • Some other ones too that are more about something specific
  • i-000836117db307107ac7dc8a49787980-mt3-logo-small.gifWhen I was deciding how to go about a site for me, I wanted something fairly easy to add to (otherwise I wouldn’t bother writing). Therefore I needed a ‘content management system’ or CMS – thats a computer geek way of saying ‘a real easy way of adding stuff to a website and making it display nicely. I could have written it myself (I’ve created similar for www.life-story.org and www.bni-faversham.co.uk) but for this site I used an already available system called “Movable Type“. Movable type is free for personal use, and as this is for me and not the business, that qualifies 🙂 It’s not open source though, which is what I would normally go for if I’m not writing it all myself. If i need to, I’ll be able to alter some of its templates to make it behave exactly the way I want it to (although it seems to have everything I can think of built in). Anyway, if you are family or a friend and you want to do something similar, drop me an email and I’ll probably have time to help you set it up (and probably even give you some space on the web server for free). If you’re not family/friend you can say hello anyway and I’ll help if I can.

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Free apps

  • birthday.sroot.eu – Your birthday or other celebration date based on [years on other planets] / [how many seconds/days] / [how far you’ve travelled around the sun]
  • stampulator.sroot.eu – Calculates the combination and how many 1st, 2nd, large 1st and large 2nd class Royal Mail stamps you need on large envelopes and packets

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