The Torch Bearers (Alexander Fullerton)

If you read some of my earlier reviews you’ll find I really didn’t like The Floating Madhouse (Alexander Fullerton) having given it just 1 out of 5. However, I’ll often give an authors other books a try when I come across them as I don’t expect to enjoy 100% of any authors work. This is a book that made me glad I did.

The Torch Bearers follows a Navy Captain as he escorts a small flotilla of ships from the west coast of Africa back to Europe. War is tough, he doesn’t have enough escorts and to make matters worse he is the only one on board that knows the true mission. They are a diversion for ‘Operation Torch’. The object is that the dozens of German submarines will discover this convoy and concentrate their attack there while the ships of soldiers and supplies of Operation Torch slip past to take their fight into North Africa. How well do they do? You’ll need to read the book. Rootie Rating 4 out of 5.