Accelerando (Charles Stross)

Erm, what to say about this book. Probably “Wow!”, but my head is a little overstuffed with new concepts to be sure. This book pretty much explains the progress from modern day along to post human spread amongst the universe. This could be read as a precursor to “glasshouse” although I’m glad I read glasshouse first. For some reason this book didn’t have a table in the front explaining the future system of measuring time. Part way through the book time is measured in seconds and kiloseconds instead of our current seconds, minutes and hours. By the end of the book, T Gates and A gates (that featured in glasshouse) seem logical outcomes of our society, along with a new definition of life and consciousness that lasts beyond centuries (not that they are measured the same way any more).

It’s a story that has many threads of sub story within it and an ending so open I’m left in anticipation of finding out what happens to the cat. A good read, if a little hard work in places.