Sharpe's Battle (Bernard Cornwell)

One day, I’m going to be writing my last review of a Sharpe book. Until then, I’ve got more great reading to look forward to! Sharpe begins the story being a very naughty boy (executing enemy prisoners) and spends the rest of it trying to prove himself worthy in battle. I’m not spoiling anything by saying he manages to do this (after all, we already know he survives post Waterloo) but as always he does this in a very innovative way despite being attacked on all sides by the enemy (French) and the enemy within (French agents behind the Allied lines). My favourite part is the end as always, because then I get to read Bernard Cornwell’s comments on how the story differed from history and the liberties he was able to take as an author of fiction. You can’t help but have both respect and sympathy for any solider when you realise the hell they all went through.

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