The Last Templar (Raymond Khoury)

I like to carry a book with me just in case I have some spare time between jobs. Unfortunately I forgot to take a book with me recently so was forced to buy one as I passed a supermarket. I mean, a whole 5.00 for a book, that’s like three times more than I normally pay! Still, the book I found was called “The Last Templar”. This book reminded me of “The Da Vinci Code” and was equally enjoyable. Instead of the blood line of Jesus Christ that the Da Vinci Code is based around, this was based around an order of knights and their treasure. Not treasure in the financial sense, treasure more as a political controlling factor over the Vatican and Catholic Church. I wont say much more, it may spoil the story if you read it. The story is pure fiction but uses a sprinkling of historical fact to make it seem believable. As much as anything, this was a detective story, some action scenes and a love story for the two main characters.