The evening of Christmas day

The evening of Christmas day. Despite having eaten more today than I normally would in two working days, I’ve still found room for another turkey sandwich. Sharon called from Australia a short while ago. It’s boxing day there now. We were going to call her this morning but got confused with the time zones so decided to leave it. Nicola and James were telling her all they got for Christmas. The corporate machine of “Thomas the Tank Engine” succeded this year as over half of all his presents had Thomas on them in one way or another. From the Thomas DVD, a large thomas train set, a book which folded open to have a large track that a wind up Thomas engine will follow round in circles, a matt where you can ‘paint’ with water your own train tracks which a Thomas engine will follow, a set of Thomas story books and a Thomas Annual which he was reading in bed when I said goodnight earlier. Corporate Machine? Yes. Happy James? Very much so.
All those branded items got me thinking to how we can improve the Roots brand.
Thinking of work, this week will be a busy week for me. Asside from two fitters packs I need to put together, I have to migrate from one web server to another new web server. What does that mean? Well, this web site, the rootskitchens web site and all the things that I’ve made the web server do over the last few years have to happen on the new web server. I’d like the switch to be seamless, but I know that it can’t be. Downtime should be limited to only a few hours though, if I do it properly. I’ve got about 3 days (24 hours) of time allocated to set the new server up before I flick the virtual switch. By this time next week I’ll know if it worked or not.

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