Shell Profits

Here, I’m going to moan about how the media mis-interpret and then mis-present business information. Like Shell declaring a large figure for it’s annual profit. 1) It’s meant to make a profit 2) If you want, you can set up in competition to them and try and make more profit than they do. A more detailed essay will follow when i get (make?) time.

9.3bn profit
9,300,000,000 Profit
Captial needed to make that profit = 14,900,000,000
It can also be said that;
= 78,000 per employee
= 0.62p profit for every 1 invested in the company
What’s typical for a company?

captial employed

From Shell Websites:
With approximately 119,000 employees in more than 145 countries
and territories around the world, the companies that comprise the
Royal Dutch/Shell Group are engaged in Exploration and Production,
Gas & Power, Oil Products, Chemicals, and Other industry segments
including Renewables, Shell Consumer and Shell Hydrogen.

Excerpt from BBC News
The size of Shell’s profits has prompted renewed calls for a ‘windfall tax’ on the earnings of multinational energy companies.

Martin O’Neill, Labour chair of the Commons trade and industry select committee, said a windfall tax should be considered as a way of helping the thousands of people who struggle to pay their fuel bills.

“It is not unreasonable to assume that the profits that come from these companies should be directed, at least in part – either voluntarily or fiscally – to the UK’s disadvantaged energy consumers,” he told the BBC.

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