Site Bugs to fix

Thanks to those who’ve pointed out the bugs on the site so far. The current list reads:

  • Comments Don’t work
  • Font size too small
  • Site is different in Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox

I’ll get to looking at the comments as soon as I get time.
Did you know you can change the font size for this site (and any other standards compliant site) in your browser? It’s simple, just select
“View” from the menu bar, then “Text Size” from the list, then choose to make it larger or smaller. The font size you see on your screen is affected by many things including the size of your screen and some Windows settings.
The differences between Firefox and Internet Explorer are down to the way they implement the web’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) standards (or more likely the way I’ve written my style sheet). Eventually I’ll figure out why they are different and fix them to be the same.

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