Category: Family

  • Goodbye Alicia

    Sad news. My mother in law, Alicia, died on Tuesday morning at 4am from Cancer. She was 53. The whole family were with her, we’d all travelled to the hospital in London to be there.

  • Robert Robertson, talented young singer

    Continuing from previous writings, I went to the Alexandra Hotel bar in the evening to use their free wi-fi to catch up on things using my laptop. The only downside of the arrangement was having to drive there from the camp site – diet coke only for me! When I got there I noticed the…

  • Rotary and it's impact on our family holiday (part 1)

    I’m not writing this quite in chronological order. Now I’ve mentioned one club visit I’ll carry on and write about the other visits before returning to things like our club’s Charter Night. The observant reader (assuming there is a reader of my waffle) will have noticed the title is “Rotary and it’s impact on our…