Hot topic – our backup server (overheating!)

Ahh, computer backups. I’ve said before and learn’t first hand how important they are over the years. My business backup routine is to copy the files from the server in another building. I used to have a ReadyNAS NV+ (image on wikipedia) and for many years it served us well. Actually, 8 years, which is … Continue reading “Hot topic – our backup server (overheating!)”

VMware consolidated backup missing a catalogue file – fixed!

As always seems to be the case, a routine update of server software becomes a problem. This time it was updating VMware ESXi from 4 to 5. I know, I’m a little behind the times, but it was working, and it’s only a small office server… and I should have left it alone, sigh. So, … Continue reading “VMware consolidated backup missing a catalogue file – fixed!”

Backup! (Bye bye TimeMachine, hello Carbon Copy Cloner)

Executive summary: Stop reading, backup your computer. Done that? Let’s continue. [1] Second Executive summary: TimeMachine on my mac failed, I now use Carbon Copy Cloner. Yes, that cost me £26. Yes, it’s basically rsync (free opensource software I already use) but it’s easier to configure and has other useful features that I decided are … Continue reading “Backup! (Bye bye TimeMachine, hello Carbon Copy Cloner)”

Mac Timemachine backups are NOT complete

How annoying. I’m discovering the hard way that a TimeMachine backup is NOT complete.  It’s missing things all over the system. Sure, it has backed up my documents and applications but so far it appears to have missed: /private/etc/hosts (lost some custom DNS settings) Missing symbolic links, fixed by sudo ln -sn /usr/bin/g++ /usr/bin/g++-4.2(Thanks StackOverflow!) … Continue reading “Mac Timemachine backups are NOT complete”

Backups for Google Calendar – a ruby application

I admit I’ve not been so busy posting the to blog this year. One thing that’s kept me busy has been learning Ruby on Rails making my first opensource application. I’m a hobby programmer, so the idea of sharing my code is worrying. I’m sure there are lots of errors, bad practice and so on. … Continue reading “Backups for Google Calendar – a ruby application”

Upgrading my server to PHP7 broke wordpress admin interface (cloudflare)

wp-cli, a command line interface for WordPress, just saved me a big headache. It all began when I updated my server to the latest ubuntu LTS. That removed PHP5 support and replaced it with PHP7. That meant several of my sites stopped working as the nginx configuration had to change. With that done I thought … Continue reading “Upgrading my server to PHP7 broke wordpress admin interface (cloudflare)”

A quick note on my first steps using

I’m building a web site for a charity that needs to take credit cards for tickets being sold. I’ve chosen to use as: It’s simple to implement They take care of all the security and PCI DSS (I never get any card details to save, that’s a good thing). It’s not expensive (compared to … Continue reading “A quick note on my first steps using”