Air Bridge (Hammond Innes)

If the last Hammond Innes book wasn’t for me, this one surely was. Still based on real events, this had the scope for some creative fictional work. We follow a group as they build by hand a new design of aero-engine based on a design stolen from Germany during the war. Their aim, to have it ready for the Berlin Air Lift. Enjoyable read, Rootie Rating 4 out of 5

The Last Voyage (Hammond Innes)

There’s a reason I prefer fiction for entertainment rather than fact. This book reminded me of it. It’s based on the last voyage of Captain Cook and while there is a fair amount of made up events I didn’t find it an enjoyable read. It had to follow so closely the known events of that last voyage it’s pace became very slow. I’m sure it’s an accurate representation of the trials and tribulations of the time though.
Just not a story for me, Rootie Rating 1 out of 5

Sea Change (Robert Goddard)

It may have been February since I last posted a book review but I’ve still been reading books. Life has kept me busy in some great ways this year so my rambling postings have reduced accordingly. Anyway, It’s Sunday morning, the rest of the family are at Church, so I’m going to get through some of the backlog. Albeit with some very short reviews.

This is a story of an 18th century dash across Europe all started by some documents someone is trying to hide. The documents incriminate most of the gentry and politicians in a type of stocks and shares scam. I really enjoyed it – enough to remember some of the the parts very clearly 3 months later. It didn’t hurt my European Geographic knowledge either – albeit in a way that’s 200 years out of date. I’d read more from this author, Rootie Rating 3 out of 5