webERP Virtual Machine

Posted on Sat 24 February 2007 in WebDev & Code

I've been investigating ways of improving our business systems to keep up with our growth.

One system I've been investigating is the open source "Web ERP" which is a system using PHP and MySQL. It looks good and I'm now at the stage of deeply investigating how it works and how moving onto it would affect our processes. In order to do this I needed to install it on a server. I really don't like installing things on our production server so VMWare comes to the rescue once more. VMWare is a piece of software that lets you have a virtual computer running on top of your regular operating system (Windows XP for my laptop). So, to test weberp I installed my favourite Trustix Linux operating system.

As Web ERP is open source, I've shared my Virtual Machine to save others the time of creating their own server to test on.

If you're here to get the Virtual Machine, here is the current link: (84Mb)
The zip file includes some important instructions you should read before you virtually power on the server. Remember, you'll need VMWare player or equivalent from (about 30Mb) in order to run the machine.

Let me know any feedback or questions. If demand is high I'll set up the FTP server, otherwise I expect the http service will suffice.

I should also warn you that the normal free software caveats apply (use at your own risk, no warranty etc).