The CD/DVD-Drive and the Paperclip (a.k.a. how to get your DVD out of your computer when the power is off)

Posted on Sun 22 January 2006 in Internet

i-f4ce84bfa48c95db31fee8adca57a754-paperclip_before-thumb.jpg"D'arghhh!" said the man as he'd once again forgotten to take his favourite DVD out of his computer before turning the machine off. Now, he'd have to turn the power on to get the DVD out. Being a good man, he couldn't possibly turn the power off until windows had fully started, the disk had ejected and he could use the windows software shutdown button, lest he damage his data. It looked as though he'd be leaving late again... unless he just goes without the DVD... hmm, he pondered momentarily.

"But Wait!" said his friend, "you can still leave in a hurry AND take the DVD with you by using one of my magic paperclips"

"Magic paperclips! Don't make me laugh, I can't get my DVD out of my computer unless I turn the power on" said the man dismissively.

"Then watch, dear friend..."said the mans friend, as he bent the magic paper clip out of shape. He pushed one end of the part straightened paper clip into a little round hole on the front of the man's CD/DVD drive,i-c00b69f068f924214ebb41694fee916f-paperclip_after-thumb.jpg

"I've never noticed that hole before" said the man, at the same moment as the drive magically popped open revealing the much desired DVD. "Wow!" said the man.

"You're welcome", said the friend, returning his quite ordinary but now mishappen paperclip back into his desk drawer.