The Boughton 10k went well

Posted on Sun 09 October 2005 in Business

i-1f1b8e0d6573ad562c66830310bf7f58-b10k_small.pngThe Boughton 10K went very well. We had 355 people enter (312 turned up and completed) the 10K and 142 in the Fun Run.

2 Years before, there were around 215 runners in the 10K, and last year there were over 400. The big leap came from the run being selected as a "Kent Championship" race. This year were weren't, so as a new organising team would have settled for 215 entrants, with hopes to grow it to 250 thanks to the advertising we did. I most optomistic target was for 300 runners.

I've written a report that will go out with the finalised results about how the day went. Like how Mid Kent Water saved the day when at 6pm the night before we realised we had far more runners than we expected and not enough drinking water for them all. The provisional results were posted at