Staying Alive (Alexander Fullerton)

Posted on Thu 20 November 2008 in Rooties Recent Reading

Wow! This was a big surprise. The setting is a town in France where the author himself meets with an old lady. She, it is revealed, was the inspiration of the heroine in his earlier 3 books (and there are 3 earlier books which I'll now start looking out for). Rosie was a special agent during the war and this story is about her first mission, the one mission the author couldn't have written about because his source didn't know about it. Best of all, there is a twist at the end which I'll not tell you lest I spoil it.

I tend to like books where a history is revealed. In this book we hear not only of Rosie's struggles to survive as an undercover agent but also of what happened to her after the war, right up to the present day or in this case, right up to the reason she is talking to an author in a small French town, attending a re-union of the few remaining resistance and special operations staff that still survive after 60 years.

Rootie Rating 4 out of 5, time to go and find the other 3 books in this series.