Spam wars - I get ignored, but will they ignore the courts?

Posted on Thu 13 September 2007 in Spam wars

Spam wars are about to get interesting....

Yesterday, I started a small claims court action against a company to have them pay for the spam they've been sending to email addresses I run. I didn't take this action lightly. I had asked them to stop by email, I had asked them to stop by phone, I had asked them to stop by Fax.

In the email, I said that if they send any more I will be charging them 50 per email. When two more arrived a month later I phoned them and they claimed not to have received my email, so I told them the content and I also faxed it. They promised on the phone not to send any more, but less than 24 hours later I got 4 more. All their emails claim not to be spam because they are sent manually... seeing as most of them come in the early hours of the morning, I can give them the benefit of the doubt by guessing they keep strange working hours.

The paperwork has gone, I'll post information here as time allows.