Spam wars - court date set

Posted on Fri 16 November 2007 in Spam wars

I haven't posted about this for a while and thought I should just say what's happening. The company in question ignored letters from the court, or at least, they chose not to reply. That's right, no defence, no counter claim, nothing. So, the court have set a date to make a judgement on the case. I have no idea if they'll turn up to the hearing (it's a long drive - they're based in Lancashire and the case has been set in Canterbury). Seeing as they didn't contest the location of the hearing, I guess they're not coming. I can give them the benefit of the doubt though and assume they will though.

It does bring another question up though. As a limited company (as well as individuals, they could never make up their mind who they were trading as so I brought the claim against all of them) what happens if it doesn't respond? I have a feeling (I'm not certain) the directors are responsible for the company responding and if they don't (or the company, as it's own legal entity doesnt) respond, they may have to answer to a criminal court which can fine them personally (I'll have to look though the detail of the companies act)