Sharpe's Enemy (Bernard Cornwell) & Sharpe's Sword (Bernard Cornwell)

Posted on Wed 04 October 2006 in Rooties Recent Reading

More Sharpe! This is a big series (21 Novels not counting 2 extra short stories) and I seem to be working my way through it. The trouble will be when I can't remember which books I've read when I see them in the second hand book shop. I guess I'll have to keep a list on my PDA.

Anyway, the story continues. In Sharpe's Enemy Sharpe finally defeats his original enemy from the first books. Sergeant Hakeswill has deserted and joined a band of renegades formed from all opposing sides (the historical note actually says there really was a band of deserters at the time!). The deserters capture a village and the wife of a British nobleman and Sharpe is sent to rescue her. That would be far to simple a task for Sharpe so of course it gets a little more complicated. He makes the first successful battle use of rockets in this book and gives Napoleon's forces a surprise or two.

In Sharpe's Sword he begins by capturing a French officer who says he is a Captain but is really a much feared General. He escapes and Sharpe's duty is to capture him once more. There are a few twists and turns, some clever camouflage, yet more romance and yet more misery. I have to wonder what rank Sharpe ends up as - I seem a good number of books away from Waterloo and I'm not sure how many ranks are left! I'll let you know when I get there.