Sharon came home! (and now she's gone again)

Posted on Mon 12 December 2005 in Family

i-e1a399c6b9eb704eb755c368d337646a-lilyvisits1-thumb.JPGFor those who didn't know, Sharon came home from Australia with baby niece Lily. Being an Aussie chick, this was Lily's first long distance international flight and apparently she was a perfect baby throughout. Todd (Sharons husband) stayed in Aus this time, Earning money and sending photos like "this". Guess he may not be just at work after all.

Anyway, It's been great seeing Lily and Sharon. Whilst mum and dad have been to Australia to see Lily, Rhonda and me haven't been able to. As you can tell from this photo Sharon has already got her figure back (she's the brown stick like thing near the back of the car). Despite the cold, Lily was happy right up until the time she met me.i-d9a7fdcfacf663e4edef54ee468edbdc-lilyvisits2-thumb.JPG. Oh well, it got better from this point on. Lily is a very well behaved baby but she had been on a plane for the previous 20+ hours.

i-1d804d619f401641acf9f2c34b8bf59c-lilyvisits3-thumb.JPGSo, what do you do on your first visit to the UK when you are just a few months old. Well, the official story is things like go swimming with Granddad Graham. The real story is to find out about the great british pub culture, as Nanny takes Mummy to all the good local pubs to meet all of mummies friends in the UK. Lilly even went to the Red Lion at Hernhill, the pub where Mummy Sharon and Daddy Todd met a few years ago (Todds Aussie friend was working in Canterbury at the time).

Sharon and Lilly returned to Australia last weekend, so now it's time for us all to do some work and catch up. Been a good few weeks though.