Screen recording on a mac

Posted on Tue 17 July 2012 in WebDev & Code

349-quicktime-player-capture-screen-thumb-300x74-348.pngMac OS continues to keep me happy. Sure, it has it's faults but I just needed to capture my screen to file a software bug report. I could have explained step by step by typing but sending a video file is so much simpler. Except, I hadn't done it on my Mac before. A quick google lead to a page of results of screen capture applications. Most cost money, a couple of open source solutions... I was reluctantly expecting the need to invest in more software. Then I noticed another search result that basically said - 'use Quicktime Player'... and I thought.. I have that - it's comes built in to OS X!

I never realised, quicktime as supplied with the Mac (and maybe with windows, I never looked when I used it before) has an option to capture video of your screen. Giving the option of the whole screen, or just a section of the screen you select. Just what I was looking for to file the report with an example the developer could see happening.

Perfect. Simple. Life is good.... or it will be better once that bug gets fixed.