Running - not always good for your health

Posted on Sat 17 February 2007 in Root

One of the good things about starting the business studies/French course at the local university is that it's only 5 miles from home. It's easy to get someone to drop me off there so that I can run home at the end each lesson.

I've been relatively good at running home since the course started (that is I've made the effort and run) and I've already noticed my times improving along with my French. However, for the rest of the course I'll be being driven. Running home on Wednesday night 'je suis tombe', that's french for "I fell". I thought I'd sprained my ankle and decided it would be best to call Rhonda and get picked up. 6 hours later the pain hadn't diminished so I went to hospital. A few x-rays and some prodding by the doctor confirmed I have broken a bone within my foot.

I guess I won't be running for a while...maybe using the crutches will improve my upper body strength though :-)